Jeff Buckley – Last Goodbye

by alphamonkey on March 27, 2008 · 1 comment

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Not out of a sense of nostalgia certainly, but more because it’s such a video of its time: Jeff Buckley – Last Goodbye.

To elaborate: If you play this video without the sound, it looks like any run of the mill semi-grunge video of it’s day. Lots of flannel, morose faces, stock and live footage played across the band. I mean really: there’s nothing to distinguish this clip from any number of Pearl Jam lite also rans. Of course, once you add Jeff Buckley’s voice to the mix that goes right out the window but still, even the song is fairly typical of it’s day. Listen to the change between verses.. that’s so very grunge-y. I’ve always wondered if that’s how it was written, or if the studio producers suggested that change-up.

But damn, I love that voice. It was Buckley that made me start working on my own falsetto (though I have to give Beck a little credit there as well), and while I’ve never quit agreed with the notion that he’d have really broken wide had he not drowned (either intentionally or not) that summer day, I gotta say we’re poorer for being denied his talent.

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  • tomjulio

    bravo.the voice.angelic still.
    …you tube surfing for JB now.

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