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by alphamonkey on March 31, 2008 · 0 comments

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On Thursday, The New York Times ran a lengthy article detailing the defense contractor company AEY Inc., and their 300 million dollar contract with the US military to provide ammunition for native forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

What’s notable here is the fact AEY Inc. (which had since had further contracts suspended) was run by 22 year old Efraim E. Diveroli, who had very little experience in large-scale arms dealing. Government corruption, kickbacks, and 40 year old Chinese ammo being sent to Iraqi and Afghan forces are just some of the highlights. Definitely worth the read.

Jerry Siegel’s heirs have won their long battle to have the copyright over Superman material in Action Comics #1 returned to co-creator Siegel. That’s not actually so ground-breaking as it sounds, as DC holds the international copyright, most of the trademarks, and all the subsequent material, but still.. A very nice nod to a creator’s right to hold some ownership for their work.

You gotta know that when Time magazine finally weighs in on something, the worm has turned. Micheal Grunwald turns in a (much belated, in my opinion) critical eye to real ecological and economic impact of our Administration’s push for corn based biofuel in the long form article ‘The Clean Energy Scam‘. While I’m glad to see Time bring this to the public eye, I can’t help but wish they would have done so prior to Bush’s initiatives, as the foolishness (and ecological cost) was already apparent.

And finally, let’s all look back and laugh at one man’s wildly inaccurate predictions regarding the Internet circa 1995: The Internet? Bah!

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