One Year to Midnight

by alphamonkey on March 6, 2008 · 4 comments

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WatchmenWell, here we are. Exactly one year until the Watchmen big screen adaptation hits theaters, and they’ve released stills of The Comedian, Ozymandias, Rorschach, Silk Spectre, and Nite Owl (apparently we’re not good enough to see Dr. Manhattan, who I would presume to be fully rendered CGI). I’ve yet to see anything that excited me about this project to date, and I gotta say: These still just further the ‘meh’.

check ’em out. What say you?

Does anyone else think Ozymandias looks like a 12 year old?

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  • Gorlog

    Here is a comment a friend of mine gave me. I couldn’t agree more so I’m just going to post his words.

    I was excited but I’m afraid that this might go the way of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, another Moore piece.

    Nightowl looks too much like batman, plus he wasn’t all buffed in the comic. They need him to hit the doughnut stand, as he had a pudge to him in the comic (That was actually refreshing and more realistic)

    Comedian needs a cigar. He had a military crop haircut too. Maybe I’m too nitpicky there.

    Why oh why does Ozymandius have nipples on his suit?

    Silk Spectre looks like a rejected x-man in that pose. Again, this comic wasn’t about stances and poses and looking buff.

    Where’s the big naked blue guy? And Rorschach has a cool animated facial mask. Hopefully they’ll do that in the movie.

    I don’t think the producers got the gist of why Watchmen was different than other comics in it’s time. I hope they prove me wrong. I’m still shaking my head at Ozymandius nipples though.

  • skeev

    I agree Ozyy looks crap – but then these are only stills and wether posed or photoshops some they are only a frame from the finished film – if they are from the film itself at all.

    The Nightowl pic may be from an early part of the story and not in the current story timeframe.
    The Comedian needs a cigar? again to the women with 5 kids I say “sometimes its good to just take it out” – maybe he was in between puffs..
    The haircut again the book takes place over a timeframe – no idea at what point these pics are from.
    Speaking of puffs – Ozzy does look crap and the nipples are a joke – but then he is a man who invented himself as a Icon to sell stuff – so going with the Batman nipple suit there is a good chance “his” desicion to have nipples is based on what the dumb public espect to see – thats his character not the producers of the film.
    Dr M im sure is being saved for later.
    Im sure they will animate the mask or people would go crazy.

    I have complete faith in Zack and the producers of this movie to bring it to the screen – updated and changed in some ways.

    This isnt going to be Wanted or LOEG – again with the nipples…lol

    When watching sf and more to the point comic adaptations there are a lot of reasons to pick holes in stuff some are good, some are bad – Justify aspects without spoiling the story – such as Spidyes web fluid shooters and it can stil be good.

    The pic of OZZY does look rubbish – but the way these people work I submit it may be a prank or a set shot to underestimate the character or to get people talking on line – I never trust a pic especially a publicity shot – until the film runs I think its best to hold judgement. It could just be a ruse…..nuff said

  • Swan02

    I cant believe how bent out of shape people are getting at the merest hint of nipple on Ozymandias’ costume, as if this automatically condemns the film to Batman and Robin levels of abysmalness. They’re barely noticeable and they appear to be all aeriola if we’re getting technical. However he does look like the head of a twelve year old on the body of The Rock.
    As for the Comedian, this was the the picture that i felt was closest to the mark and captures his psychotic abandon perfectly, cigar or no cigar.
    As for Dr Manhatten, there probably are no shots of him in his naked blue incarnation if he is to be fully computer generated and a shot of a pre-atomised Billy Crudup would possibly be a bit of a let down.

  • RazorFine

    What is it with Hollywood and black rubber and leather? Get over your fetish people!

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