Rejected Star Wars Toys

by alphamonkey on March 13, 2008 · 2 comments

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Rejected Star Wars ToysJason Geyer runs through a bevy of Star Wars toy ideas that didn’t quite make the cut.

[S]ince we were not yet an approved vendor to Lucasfilm, we had to use the Original Trilogy to concept with as we couldn’t be shown anything from Episode One. Lucasfilm would review our concepts and let us know if anything could apply to the new movie (this was a painful process that involved discarding far more ideas than the ones that were kept). Two, it was only a year away from the release of Episode One, and most manufacturing lead times were anywhere from 18-12 months to get the product made and to stores. But beggars can’t be choosers, and we hit the ground running.

I so want a Darth Vadar Gumball Machine.

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  • Gorlog

    totally needed a taun taun (spelling) thermal sleeping bag. The outside has a nice print of a taun taun on it and the inside has a print of the literal inside of a taun taun. I’d buy that.

  • RazorFine

    Who do I have to kill to get a Han Solo in Carbonite Mini-Fridge?

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