Robert De Niro – Back In Time (The Double Dose!)

by alphamonkey on March 31, 2008 · 0 comments

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Dutch West’s series long love letter to America’s finest time-traveling thespian (aka Robert De Niro: Back in Time) gets a double dose today with two episodes, “Hide & Seek” and “Once Upon a Time in America“.*

Behold their wonder!

And just to keep things complete, here’s the first episode, ‘The Untouchables’

*Dear Super Deluxe,

While you’ll always get some cool points from me for being the font of Brad Neely awesome that you are, allow me to inquire: What the hell? FarkTV sucks, and yet you continue to pimp out the ‘brand name’ stuff and utterly bury quality work from the likes of Dutch West and Team Tiger Awesome.

I had such hopes for you…

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