Supergrass – Bad Blood

by alphamonkey on March 3, 2008 · 3 comments

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Supergrass - Bad BloodAw, yeah…. New Supergrass in effect! Keith Schofield directed this visual stunner for Supergrass and their single ‘Bad Blood’ off the upcoming ‘Diamond Hoo Ha’ release (March 24th. Mark your calenders).

Any Supergrass is good Supergrass, but holy crap…the camera trick in this clip just slays me. I hereby put the call out to our technical wiz expert, Andy Cochrane, to explain how might have been accomplished.

Watch ‘Bad Blood’. (Quicktime)

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  • Andy Cochrane

    oh man, this video pisses me off. not because it is bad, but because it is simple and extremely well done. and also because it was something i wanted to do at some point too, and now it has been done.

    the “trick” is an extremely simple one- they are stabilizing most shots around a single point (or possibly in the case of the chandelier, a few points)- this is stabilization101, and anyone working in vfx sees results like this almost daily; any time they are tracking something anyways and viewing it centered around the tracked point.

    so in layman’s terms, they are putting the same part of the image in the same place on every frame, negating the camera motion. the blurring you see is motion blur, it’s not a post effect (they may have amped it up a bit, but it’s what you get as a normally bad side effect of stabilizing, and it’s extremely difficult to remove when you don’t want it). i know what you’re going to say- wouldn’t that mean that you’d see black edges on the sides of the image as they jockey each frame around into position? obviously yes. so you shoot bigger frames than you need, in this case they probably shot film, and may have scanned it at 4k, probably not though (most people still work at2k as a maximum). they just blow the stabilized shot up enough that the edges don’ show.

    god damn someone from vfx for showing this technique to a director (or a vfx guy for becoming a director). super-well done. damnit.

  • .alphamonkey.

    And that’s why I love you.

  • Loz

    Introducing the Diamond Hoo Ha Men 😀

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