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Casa del Mono spent the better part of the morning trying to dig ourselves out of the ice, slush, and snow that bombarded us last night, an endeavor made more exciting due to the street plows undoing half the work with ever pass. Sigh

Anyway, let’s see what goes on in the world:

Texas is pitching a fierce battle in the fight to keep people from owning sex toys. Yes, they’re fighting the recent Federal Appeals ruling that struck down the Lone Star state’s ban on sex toys because we all know that vibrators and other accessories are, as the Texas filing argues, “a one-way street to consensual adult incest and bigamy”. Slate has the full filing available to read right here.

Vanity Fair releases an article detailing the US’s missteps in pushing for the January 2006 elections in Gaza, along with (if proven to be accurate) illegal arms dealing in a losing bid to oust the elected Hamas party from power. The State Department has so far issued only cursory rebuttals. Considering a couple of key players in this were convicted (and subsequently pardoned) in the Iran Contra scandal under the Reagan administration, one kinda has to wonder just how far we went.

Simon Pegg is not happy about the upcoming American remake of Spaced, and here’s why. Can’t say I blame him there.

For my web dev friends out there: Internet Explorer 8 will default to standards compliant mode! Woot!

The Village Voice looks at the World of Warcraft’s strangest offshoot: Pr0n.

And just because: My favorite headline from the last couple of weeks: “Twin Gay-Porn Stars Arrested in Rooftop Burglaries” from the Philadelphia Daily News.

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