April 2008

Get your grunt and stomp on with a little aggro with this visually arresting clip for We Are Wolves’ ‘Fight & Kiss’

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The maddeningly inconsistent quality of the stuff on My Damn Channel (along with their bewildering design choices and layouts) has done quite a bit to keep me from spending much time there, but occasionally a little bit o’ the good stuff shines through.

Steve Kerper’s Carnival of Stuff channel is no exception to the fairly crappy signal-to-noise ratio, but the Bedtime Stories series did get some laughs out of me via their take on Rapunzel as ‘net fap sensation.

Watch Bedtime Stories – Rapunzel Some NSFW content.

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Feds: School bomb plotter wanted to kill Jesus

Apparently someone took His Dark Materials a little more seriously than the rest of us.

You know, my brain transposed that headline to read ‘Feds, School bomb plotter wanted to kill Jesus’, which oddly enough didn’t make it any more surreal.

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Sometimes you just need a dose of well-orchestrated pop. Now’s a good a time as ever, so enjoy some pop goodness from King of All the Animals in the form of this clip for their tune ‘Never Have I

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Speaking in Themes

by alphamonkey on April 30, 2008

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Sometimes office games just muddy the waters, as evidenced in this sketch from Idiots of Ants

Watch: Kids TV Themes

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Hey folks! Today’s the final day of our three day Iron Man Week over at RazorFine. If you haven’t checked out the fun yet, come on by! Check back tomorrow for our massive Summer Movie Preview and Friday we’ll have new movie reviews including the new Iron Man film!

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The Wall Street Journal details Mazda’s efforts to destroy over 4,000 brand new cars that had been shipped on a tanker that had listed 60 degrees for weeks. – Weird. Stranger yet is how they can’t salvage any part no matter the quality due to having already recouped insurance.

Colson Whitehead takes a swipe at the myth of The Guy Who’s Where He Is Only Because He’s Black – It’s very rarely that the NYT opinion page gets a chuckle out of me (at least, intentionally) so I thought it bore a mention.

The Truth – Can You Handle It? – I never thought I’d see the Washington Post ape a meme style for a headline, but there you have it. All in all an interesting look at how Wikipedia is skewing the playing field for accuracy and factual truth.

The Onion’s AV Club breaks down the Summer that might kill the blockbuster in two parts – Wait..what? A new X-Files movie? What the hell? I feel like I’m living in Crazyland.

And to tie off this post with a little Glamour – List of the Day lays out the best in Glamour Portrait photography.

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While I’m fascinated with Tom Petty’s continual evolution into the blonde Dylan, I’ll admit it’s been a long time since I was the least bit excited about his output. I’m not sure reforming his first band is gonna be the trick that pushes me over the edge, but it makes for an interesting mini-doc all the same.

Behold the story of Mudcrutch

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Skate or DIE!

by alphamonkey on April 29, 2008

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RetroSkateStickersWhile I’ll confess to hoping their galleries would be waaay more in-depth, RetroSkateStickers is still a pretty cool little diversion for those of you hoping to relieve some skateboarding glory days.

And bonus for allowing users to send in their own sticker scans. Man, I miss me some old-skool sticker and board art.

Check it

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anthropologyVictor Solomon has been creating a series of short films based on Dan Rhodes’ short stories collection, Anthropology.

So far three films have been completed (‘Together‘, ‘Bulletin‘, and ‘Beauty‘), but so far they’ve been compelling enough to warrant keeping an eye out for any further entries.

Check ’em out

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