Banksy Goes Big

by alphamonkey on April 14, 2008 · 4 comments

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The English graffiti icon Banksy pulled off an ambitious three story piece attacking Britain’s CCTV networks right next to a CCTV camera.

Kinda makes you wonder how such a system is supposed to protect the citizenry when a guy can erect three stories worth of scaffolding right next to one of the the much-ballyhooed cameras, eh? To my mind it just drives home the never-spoken purpose of such a system: CCTV systems aren’t designed to prevent acts, just help prosecute after the fact. They don’t work as a deterrent (just ask any shopkeep whose camera system does little to dissuade shoplifters) , so what exactly are we expected to gain from trading away our privacy?

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  • Ben

    Christ, here we go again. alphamonkey tries and fails yet again to make something that a ‘tard moron (meaning himself) could do, seem like someone with no legs or arms climbing Mount Everest. All Banksy did was bring in the ladders from the left side of the photos, where no cameras were aimed, and do his pointless bullshit.

    Do you seriously and honestly think this will change anyone’s mind? Do you think this will cause some asshat in the House of Commons to put forth a bill calling for the banning of all CCTV’s? While we’re at it, how do you feel about cell phones with vid capability? How are they any different then CCTV?

    This was more pointless then when that douchenozzle that you are secretly in lust with, David Blaine lived in that suspended plexiglass box for a month or so a few years back.

  • .alphamonkey.

    No, here YOU go again. I must have missed the invisible paragraph that stated that no human being besides Banksy could possibly circumvent a CCTV camera (when in fact I imply the exact opposite later in the post), but then we’ve already established that your reason-impaired brain likes to pepper the world with statements that haven’t been made by anyone, let alone whomever you’re currently laying your particular brand of half-assed trolling on.

    C’mon, Ben. Try a little harder, why don’t you?

    I’ll admit, I’m curious: Have you ever contributed anything meaningful to a conversation? Ever?

  • Alan

    While my initial reaction to Banksy was “all graffiti is vandalism”, you cannot deny that compared to the obscene embracing of CCTV cameras in the UK it pales into insignificance.

    Britain has got more CCTV cameras than any other nation on Earth, 90% of them illegal.

    Between the “War on Terror” and “Global Warming” the recent governments have ridden roughshod over our rights and privacy while crime, illegal activity and taxation has spiralled.

    Honestly, what are they thinking? “Ah, my plan is complete, the entire nation is under surveillance – what? They’re wearing a hooded top or a hat? Curse them! We are foiled!”

    Did you know that in the UK only 2.5% (correct, not 25%, two point five) of Police officers are on patrol at any one time? Meanwhile cameras record crimes of which 80% go unsolved.

    Welcome to New England. 1984 seems tame compared to what we’ve got.

  • .alphamonkey.

    Therein lies the big conundrum. In the US, the crime-rate reduction of the 90’s was due to a number of factors (Freakonomics has a particularly novel approach on that one), but a huge contributing factor was simply more police on the streets.

    I’d love to see a return to foot patrol officers, as removing the anonymity of the officers in their neighborhoods would have a noticeable effect on both the relationship between the officers and their precincts, but also on the crime rates in general.

    But once again we buttress up against the resistance of a populace that wants a better and more efficient* police force, but not wanting to pay for it.

    *You can substitute teachers, firemen, etc. in that sentence and get the same result, sadly.

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