Chivalry is Not Dead

by alphamonkey on April 28, 2008 · 4 comments

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No,’s certainly not dead. Gravely wounded, maybe. Though this man’s efforts at picking up the ladies aren’t doing much for the cause. NSFW audio.

Anyone care to enlighten me as to what show this is from? And why ‘fuck’ isn’t bleeped but ‘pussy’ is?

Watch ‘How Not to Pick Up Women‘.

Update: Thanks to a tip from Florian, I believe I’ve tracked the point of origin down: Snuff Box, which makes the actors Matt Berry (the not-so-chivalrous one) and Rich Fulcher (the dim one).

This clip is a compilation of the various times this bit has been used via the rather surreal sketch show.

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  • Florian

    I believe the bleeped word is not pussy but cunt.

    The “helper” is Christopher Morris from the IT Crowd, the other guy is Rich Fulcher from the Mighty Boosh. Maybe that helps?

  • .alphamonkey.

    Ah, that’s the right track. Thanks. I couldn’t figure out where I’d seen those two before.

    You’re right that the first bleep is indeed the c-word, but the second one I would swear is ‘pussy’ (you can hear the ‘p’ sound just prior to the bleep).

  • Recycled Miffery

    Matt Berry also played the stellar ’80s actor Todd Rivers, who played Dr. Lucien Sanchez on Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace.

    Good ol’ Sanch.

  • Florian

    oh, oops. He wasn’t Denholm but Denholms son.

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