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Dave Wallin - VoodooIt’s been a long, long time since there’s been what I’d consider a straight-out art post, and that’s something I’d like to rectify*. So with that in mind, dig on the illustration and tattoo art of Dave Wallin, whose work runs a pretty wide gamut.

There’s far less work in the gallery than I’d like (greedy eyeballs have I), but what’s available is still a tasty ocular treat. Some NSFW imagery, but art rarely is.

Check out Dave Wallin.

In the bring-it-all-back-home column, Wallin contributed art to the never-to-be-released Puberty: The Movie, where we first encountered everyone’s favorite set of genitals voiced by Amy Sedaris, Paulie the Penis waaaaay back in November of 2005. (Click here for a refresher course in “What the Heck is Happening to my Genitals” from the Puberty Pals. Soooooo NSFW, but ridiculously funny.)

*Got an eye on some sweet gallery and portfolio sites? Why not send a link along?

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