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by alphamonkey on April 8, 2008 · 7 comments

in Miscellany

While I deal with the frustration of having a brand new case and motherboard with no chip, video, memory, or power how about we take a look at the news

Letters from Charleston Heston to the L.A. Times. – Can we have your guns now, Chuck?

The Washington Post takes home six Pulitzers in the latest awards. – I just like being able to link to the NYT’s article. heh.

The burden of Whistleblowers in the airline industry. – Really makes you want to take to the friendly skies, huh?

The most dangerous philosophy in the land? Atheism, according to Illinois state Rep. Monique Davis. – There’s no Santa Claus either. Nyah-nyah!

401 children taken by Protective Services after raid on a Texas polygamist cult. – There are no words.

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  • Saint Nightwalker

    I figured alphamonkey would take the opportunity of Charlton Heston’s death to launch some smamry, hipster asshole, douchetastic character assassination-type of personal attack on the late Mr. Heston, and guess what, I was right.

    alphamonkey, you aren’t even fit to lick the shit off of Heston’s butthole (and we all know you’d pay to do so.)

  • .alphamonkey.

    It’s so cute when you feign outrage over what you consider an improper personal attack. It’s like watching a kitten chase a laser pointer dot.

  • Just Plain Bob

    I’m confused. As regards the article on Monique Davis, what was Sherman testifying about? I couldn’t find it explicitly mentioned.. was it about school prayer, or was Davis just venting all her frustrations at once?

  • .alphamonkey.

    Sherman was testifying on the Constitutionality (or lack thereof) of llinois Governor Rod Blagojevich’s plan to donate one million tax dollars to Pilgrim Baptist Church in Chicago.

  • Just Plain Bob

    Oh. Yeah, I’d find that suspect, myself. Was there a particular purpose the money was to go towards? Like, the church had decided to repair a public park? or something like that?

  • .alphamonkey.

    It was promised by the Governor to help rebuild the church, which had been ravaged by a fire in 2006. Religion aside, it’s not so bad an idea, but using tax dollars (ie public money) is certainly a no-no. Especially considering Illinois currently has a state-mandated ‘moment of silence’ rule for schools that hasn’t passed any legal muster as of yet.

    Of course, those funds ended up being diverted to a very connected private school, which set off a whole other round o’ trouble.

    Woo-hoo for Illinois politics!

  • Just Plain Bob

    Yeah, I can agree there. Poor choice of an idea by the Governor. well-intentioned, to be sure, but, definitely a breach of convention.

    Sherman’s composure there during Davis’ comments certainly serves to make Davis look all the more insane. Sigh. Honestly? Making Christians look stupid. Why? Why won’t they shut up? Just because you’re a Christian in the public eye, doesn’t make you an eloquent speaker, doesn’t automatically give you the skill it takes to defend the faith in a microphone. We have this problem with music, with film, with everything: People think “we need Christians in that area” and this logically leads them to conclude “Any Christian in that area is better at whatever the job is than a nonChristian” and so we wind up with weak-ass Christian bands, terrible Christian movies, and James Dobson.

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