Internet Sausage – Birthday Edition

by alphamonkey on April 17, 2008 · 4 comments

in Miscellany

Happy Birthday wishes go out to Dutch West’s Elaine Carroll as well as Casa del Mono’s very own super-mom (and best wife ever), Kaitlin. Face rocking. Thou has it.

Anyway, if you made the mistake of watching the ABC Democratic debate last night you might have been left with the same question I had: Who the fuck thought letting those two asshats ‘moderate’ the debate was a good idea? Charlie Gibson is, by any reasonable standard, a complete and utter moron while George Stephanopoulos? Really? No one thought Bill Clinton’s former political adviser and communications director might make an odd choice for a moderator?

Will Bunch summed up my feelings particularly well. – I can’t possibly convey how pissed off I was while watching this.

Filing under ‘Lucky Bastards’: Japanese members of the Nintendo Club got a pretty kick-ass gift: An updated SNES controller for use with their Wii. – I’m so jealous.

Two Minutes and 42 Seconds in Heaven – Joshua Allen lays down the rule on the perfect pop song length.

Why Superman Will Always Suck – Can’t say I fully agree here, but until DC let’s someone write the Big Blue Schoolboy the way he should be written (ie, as a self-appointed god) then he’s gonna stay pretty lame.

Intellectual Dissent: Erik Ringmar’s crusade to liberate public documents – Transparency and availability are the biggest failures in how governments have adapted to the Internet, and I admire Ringmar for putting himself on the line to better them both.

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  • Saint Nightwalker

    Re: Superman.

    So you and only you, alphamonkey are quakified to write Superman because you and you alone know how he “should be written.”

    Y’know, despite all of the endless shrieking that you have done about various and sundry comic books, including your seemingly endless bleats and fartings about Watchmen, you truly know absolutely nothing about comic book, superheros and the guidelines for writing same. When a comic book writer gets picked to write Superman or Batman. before they can even do a draft of their first issue they have to sit through a series of meetings with the editorial staff at which they are told quite clearly what they can and can’t do, in terms of dicking around with the character. The writer then gets handed a copy of “The Batman/Superman Bible” which gives a rundown of the characters history, the rogues gallery, the secondary characters and the powers and abilities of all and sundry as well as giving background on where the characters live. Also, there are very specific guidelines as to what the writer can and can’t do. If the writer doesn’t agree with them, then they don’t get to write the book, plain and simple. No big loss for DC, as the line to write Superman and Batman is out the door and all the way down the block. Superman has to fit a much narrow set of constraints then Batman does, consequently writers have more freedom to dick around with Batman because he is a character that lives and works in the dark and shadows, while Superman is supposed to be a shining beacon.

    As for the linked article, the writer is an idiot. Superman, outside of Millers Dark Knight fuckover, has never been a “yes Man” for the government.

  • .alphamonkey.

    Quakified? Is that some new ranking system based on Quake?

    a) I don’t care to ever write Superman, nor do I consider my thoughts on the guy to be definitive for anyone besides myself. The character doesn’t interest me enough to care.
    b) I’m fully aware of how the companies control presentation of characters hence my specific comment regarding the same.
    c) Go fuck yourself, you miserable prick.

  • Recycled Miffery

    I think the real travesty in the debates was that no one asked any Superman-related questions.

    That might have resulted in gunfire.

  • Shedd

    Hey, I’ve been coming here for a few years now, and I’ll admit, not everything that alphamonkey has posted or said I’ve completely agreed with. I’ve been rather hesitant to actually say anything regarding this issue, but I think you need to take care of your blue balls and stop getting your panties in a twist over every little thing. I think its completely lame that you have to act like a high and mighty jackass when Alphamonkey brings up an opinion on something so trivial as to who should write superman and in what direction it should go. Its an opinion. Having one that differs from yours is what makes everyone unique. Unless you can’t deal with that, and having an opinion that even slightly differs from your own scares you, which is probably the case.

    I am aware that you may turn on me instead. I don’t care. Your opinion does not matter to me, I’m just sick of having you come here and make snide jackass comments on every little thing.

    If you don’t like what’s here, then why do you even bother coming here? Unless of course it turns you on… I mean, you sure seem to want to “dick around with Batman”.

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