Internet Sausage: Coated in Butter Sauce

by alphamonkey on April 30, 2008 · 9 comments

in Miscellany

The Wall Street Journal details Mazda’s efforts to destroy over 4,000 brand new cars that had been shipped on a tanker that had listed 60 degrees for weeks. – Weird. Stranger yet is how they can’t salvage any part no matter the quality due to having already recouped insurance.

Colson Whitehead takes a swipe at the myth of The Guy Who’s Where He Is Only Because He’s Black – It’s very rarely that the NYT opinion page gets a chuckle out of me (at least, intentionally) so I thought it bore a mention.

The Truth – Can You Handle It? – I never thought I’d see the Washington Post ape a meme style for a headline, but there you have it. All in all an interesting look at how Wikipedia is skewing the playing field for accuracy and factual truth.

The Onion’s AV Club breaks down the Summer that might kill the blockbuster in two parts – Wait..what? A new X-Files movie? What the hell? I feel like I’m living in Crazyland.

And to tie off this post with a little Glamour – List of the Day lays out the best in Glamour Portrait photography.

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  • saint nightwalker

    Re: Mazd’a destroying over $100,000,000 worth of vehicles. What the fuck is strange about it? Would you rather that they go ahead and foist the damaged vehicles and quite likely dangerous vehicles off on the American public.

    Here Mazda does the decent, ethical and morally right thing and you, alphamonkey, shriek and screech and question their motives and jizz and shit all over them.

    Every single one of those vehicles is a multi-million if not multi-billion dollar lawsuit waiting to happen. Even a ‘tard moron should be able to grasp that.

  • .alphamonkey.

    What the fuck are you talking about, Ben? How do you manage to parse any condemnation for Mazda’s actions from that? You are seriously reaching for troll-snacks.

    I’d say try harder, but we’ve already established your complete and utter inability to even manage the bare minimum of entertainment value in trolling. You’re the Small Wonder of Flamekings.

  • saint nightwalker

    You ask how.


    alphamonkey said, “Stranger yet is how they can’t salvage any part no matter the quality due to having already recouped insurance.”

    You are clearly and deliberately insinuating that Mazda should have sold the cars to an unsuspecting public regardless of whether or not there was any damage to the cars from the incident.

    Game, set match and checkmate.

  • Just Plain Bob

    LOL! It’s ironic, I was reading another post and was about to reply “Game, Set, Alpha” for some witty trouncing of Ben he’d pulled off.. and here Ben’s used the same linguistics. Eerie.

    One vote in favor of it being obvious that Alpha was merely pointing out the unusual nature of insurance law, in that still-useful parts must be wasted or Mazda won’t be compensated for their loss on whatever was ruined.

  • .alphamonkey.

    Well, let’s be honest here: Ben’s playing with less than a full compliment of pieces. Trouncing Saint FailsatTrollling at anything is about as difficult as watching butter melt on the stove.

  • Andrew DeGolyer

    I like how Ben mixed bookend arguments. Tennis and Chess terms rarely go in the same sentence.

  • .alphamonkey.

    I think there should be more of that. ‘Game, match, CONNECT FOUR, BITCHES’

  • Just Plain Bob

    Game, Set, I sunk your battleship!

  • Shedd

    Game, set, GOOOOOAAAALLLL!!!!!

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