Internet Sausage – Now with more Living Rocks!

by alphamonkey on April 23, 2008 · 0 comments

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Internet Tofurkey SausageA Craigslist open letter To the Boys Who TP’d My House Last Night – Classy.

Man, I wish I had an easy way to get to the UK – The Mighty Boosh boys are staging an open air comedy and music fest.

Microsoft to kill MSN Music purchases – For every smart step they take, they just have to shoot themselves (and their customers) in the face with a howitzer. Dear industry, DRM sucks and that’s just something you need to accept.

With kids like these, who will rise up to protect us from the robots? – The sad world of pre-school kickboxing tournaments – But seriously, this is awful. There’s no conceivable rationale for asking (or more specifically coercing) a 5 year old into a tournament style fight. That’s just ridiculous.

FONT BOTS! – Let’s face it.. they can’t be any lamer than the Rock Lords. Rock Lords! Transform and uh……lay there.

The Ultimate Meta-Case Mod – The NES Cartridge Case Mod.

And finally… The Open-Source Boob Project & Why it’s a terrible idea.

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