Internet Sausage – Old Skool Style

by alphamonkey on April 15, 2008 · 2 comments

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20 Respectable Rock & Rap Acts that Peaked With Debut Albums – I was curious why Emerson, Lake, and Palmer’s self-titled debut wasn’t on the list until I remembered that no one respected them. And rightly so.

The King of the Console Mods: The Super Genintari – Old Skool gaming heaven in one little box. Oh, that’s right…it’s an Atari, Nintendo, Genesis, and Super Nintendo all in one machine. AWESOME!

Death By Oboe – A love/hate letter to acoustic instruments.

No ID, No Skate – A photographic homage to the Skate Park ID of old. Sweetness.

J.K. Rowling testifies in a copyright case to halt the publication of a fan-made lexicon – Apparently ‘Fair Use’ doesn’t have a Latin-sounding magic name in Rowling’s world. Timothy Hunter Harry Potter would be ashamed.

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  • Ben

    Re: Tim Hunter/Harry Potter.

    And we have yet ANOTHER in the seemingly endless series of distortions, half truths and out and out bullshit lies by alphamonkey. Of course I’m talking about the implication by dick breath (alphamonkey)that J. K. Rowling totally ripped off Neil Gaiman’s creation of Tim Hunter, the character who starred in the Books Of Magic mini series and monthly comic for DC Comics Vertigo imprint. But if dick breath had bothered to do a search of Gaiman’s blog or fuck that, just do a Google search he would have found numerous and plentiful instances where Gaiman quite plainly said that there were no similarities between the two and that Rowling hadn’t ripped him off in any way, shape or form.

    Ya know, dick breath, you remind me of those douchtasters back in high school who would run around trying to stir up trouble between two people and try and get said people to fight each other.

    Seriously why the fuck are you trying to stir up and start a controversy when there isn’t any? Do you have some sicko hatred for Rowling?

    That’s it, isn’t it? You have some sexually deviant hatred for Rowling and this is the only way it can be satisfied.

  • .alphamonkey.

    Ahem. Because it’s not possible in the slightest that I was making a comment about Fair Use, right? It’s not like the phrase occurs in that post at all, right? Oh, wait…

    I thought you didn’t know who Neil Gaiman was, Liar McLie-Lie?

    Don’t you have a Football forum to get banned from?

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