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by alphamonkey on April 16, 2008 · 1 comment

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Internet SausageComing soon from the makers of the oh-so-awesome Off-Road Velociraptor Safari: Jetpack Brontosaurus! – Tell me that title alone doesn’t make you all tingly in your nerd parts.

The creepiest thing you’ll see all day – *shudder* Not scary, per se, but it just kinda stays with you…

More creepy, but super cool: Fleep, a sequential webcomic about a man trapped in a phone booth (that’s been encased in concrete) – Most certainly worth reading through to the end.

File under ‘late to the party’: The vastly revamped (and very entertaining) South Park Studios – It just kind of boggles the mind that South Park remains such a cultural presence almost 11 years later.

And a bit of an aside: Does anyone else miss 65/70mm films? Going through the list of films shot in that format (along with films that just used it in certain scenes), I’m struck by just how much grandeur and texture has been lost in the film going experience.

The dearly-departed Glenwood Theater in Overland Park, KS had a 70mm theater, and I remember just how much more lasting an experience it was seeing films in that lovely space.

Interestingly enough, Ron Fricke is currently filming his follow-up to the 1992 film, Baraka on 70mm, making it the first film to be shot on 65mm film stock since Kenneth Braughn’s Hamelet (1996).

And finally: The greatest meeting of all time: Hulk Hogan meets KISS! – In your face, Yalta.

Thanks to Nick Mundy for the find, who summed it up thusly: “My childhood encapsulated in one video”

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