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by alphamonkey on April 25, 2008 · 3 comments

in Miscellany

Internet SausageThe fairly comprehensive list of [X] Does it With [Z] statements. – I’m trying to imagine the car that has every one of these as a bumper sticker.

An interesting look at how (and why) our squishy bits got the way they are – Science is sexxxy as hell.

On the other side of the equation: Penis theft panic hits city – I find it strange we live in a world where city officials have to deal with this kind of thing.

Violet Blue Interviews pron star Lorelei Lee about the differences between sex work and sex not-for-work – Not discussed: The difference between Ron Jeremy and a bipedal hedgehog.

Belgium shows the world they don’t need VanDamme to kick ass – 1,500 Belgian students set the world record for Diet Coke/Mentos explosions.

Apparently it took a semester to figure out what most of us could have guessed – YouTube sucks as a classroom.

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