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What Every American Should Know About the Middle East – Sad to think such a primer is necessary in this information-filled world, but there you have it. Personally I’m waiting for the all important ‘What Everyone Should Know About Misfits of Science‘.

Dick Cavett doles out some much-needed advice to the presidential candidates. – Personally I’d be happy if the comedy writers were more Arrested Development than Everybody Loves Raymond, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Thanks to Coudal Partners for the find.

Creepiest M&M Commercial Ever – And folks, that’s saying something. To whit:

In the news…

Big Oil took on Congress today in a hearing to determine why the industry would still require 18 billion dollars in federal subsidies when they’ve been posting record profits (to the tune of $123 billion dollars last year alone). So far not a lot of answers, but a lot of huff-and-puffery from the execs.

Most unexpected headline of the day: Tibetans Plan Suicide Attacks on Olympics, China Says – Wait…what? Did I miss the day when Buddhists became that violent?

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