Red Square

by Andy Cochrane on April 21, 2008 · 2 comments

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red_squareThis is an incredibly simple game. You click and hold the red square and keep it moving to avoid the 4 blue squares as they bounce around the screen. It is really, really simple… but not all that easy. And certainly a great way to waste a few minutes of your otherwise chock-full of excitement work day. [You’re welcome]

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  • Gorlog

    once i figured out how to start and not die in under a second… I can usually hold out for 10-12 seconds and then the blue rectangles of death defeat me. thanks for helping get no work done for the last 5 min. :)

  • Andy Cochrane

    Yeah I was the same- this game is near impossible on a laptop with a trackpad. With a pen tablet however…

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