Say It Isn't So

by alphamonkey on April 21, 2008 · 1 comment

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The OutfieldAh, The Outfield (or as I like to call them: Boston Lite UK).. For all their success in the US during the mid-80’s, they were a bit of an odd duck: a London band that manages a couple of monster hits in the US while never once charting in the UK.

Personally I’m gonna blame that on their oh-so-very-States like sound, which sounded a bit like Boston slumming it or Asia actually kinda rocking (sans keyboards), depending on how kind you’d like to be, but make no mistake: I’ve got me a lot of fondness for their debut album, Play Deep. I was obsessing over the album all weekend, as I found a nearly perfect vinyl at my local used music joint (for $1.00! Sweet!), so of course I’m forced to share that obsession with you.

So while I figure out how to turn the song into an acoustic dirge, get some serious arena rock on with ‘Say It Isn’t So’…

The Outfield – Say It Isn’t So

And of course, you can’t have ‘Say It Isn’t So’ without ‘Your Love’, so hit the jump for more Outfield action

The Outfield – Your Love:

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    Does anyone else think that Tony Lewis looks like Paul McCartney and Tears for Fears’ Roland Orzabal had a clone baby?

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