by alphamonkey on April 24, 2008 · 4 comments

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There’s going the distance for your geek tattoo, and then there’s going so damn far beyond the edge that crazy seems like a quaint cottage of normalcy.

Behold the ultimate Spider-Man Tattoo:

Spider-Man Tattoo

Egads. That’s just way past my creep-factor index.

And kudos to the woman (or man) brave enough to face that with the lights on come love-time.

Via Beaucoup Kevin.

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  • Andrew DeGolyer

    How does a guy with no tatoos suddenly say to himself, “I’m gonna cover half my body in one huge tatoo.” Just kinda a huge jump….That is unless they just forgot to picture his tramp stamp…

  • Abby

    whoaa 😮 that’s amazing art!
    it looks soooo real. 😀

  • http://myspace ERIC

    i hope you dont mind but im gettin that done once i turn 18….probably the coolest tatoo i’ve ever seen!!!!

  • Jerimiah

    that is amazing art, kudos to the tattooist

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