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by alphamonkey on April 24, 2008 · 2 comments

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Typeracer BetaHow about a little Listerine to cleanse your mental palette? (I know I need one now). I’m such a nerd for typing games, so it was with no small amount of glee that I delved into the wonderful Typeracer Beta, which pits you against other online visitors in a Java-based race to type out passages from famous books and films.

The biggest stumbling block to me was trying to keep from reading ahead (which is how I normally type from another text) and just focusing on the word at hand. Anyone with a fairly comprehensive media knowledge might glean an advantage, as you can tear right through a race if you know the passage in question. I’m hoping I get a race that’s just a big chunk of a Jack Burton speech from Big Trouble in Little China. I’ll so pwn.

So get your Mavis Beacon on and rock your fingers with a little Typeracer Beta.

Anyone care to wager a guess as to how someone can nail a 475wpm high score? My mind (and fingers) just boggles at that.

And you can blame Sam Reich for your new obsession.

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  • JoeMaximum

    A guy even have the highscore of 1052 wpm !!!!!!
    He surely recorded the keystroke then got a sentence he already recorded than play it back, because there is no possible way to write up to 1052 wpm !!!

  • vex

    Yeah, now the high scoreboards are completely polluted with script kiddies or whatever. Hopefully they’ll fix that soon.

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