G'night Sydney Pollack

by alphamonkey on May 27, 2008 · 0 comments

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Filmmaker Sydney Pollack succumbed to cancer at his home yesterday at the age of 73.

Sydney Pollack

Man. Pollack’s directorial body of work contains so many gems. Three Days of the Condor, Jeremiah Johnson, Tootsie, Out of Africa… Sure there’s a couple clunkers in there, but still…. I have to say I enjoyed it more when he strayed to the other side of the camera; there was no one capable of conveying such an easy sense of nebulous morality than Pollack. His bit in Eyes Wide Shut should be a textbook case in how to portray an immensely powerful man at ease in the twilight world, and Husband and Wives made me wonder why Allen didn’t put him to use more often.

I wasn’t aware the man was ill, and after his great turn in Michael Clayton I was hoping I’d get to see more of him. Damn…

G’night, Sydney.

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