Grand Theft Childhood & Teenage Survelliance

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Grand Theft ChildhoodCBC RadioOne’s podcast for last week has a couple of interesting interviews on media and teen culture, that dovetail nicely into an ongoing discussion over at the AV Club Blog (as well as here on Transbuddha).

Specifically the RadioOne interview with Dr. Lawrence Kutner regarding his project ‘Grand Theft Childhood, which might be the single most intelligent discussion on the topic of video games and anti-social behavior ever to make it to public airwaves. For those of us who find ourselves banging our head against the ‘video games make kids violent’ argument, I heartily recommend a listen. It turns out video games might actually be a little good for your kids. (Shocking, I know)

Of course on the other end of the equation there’s those who take the notion of media as violent behavior barometer a little too far, as evidenced by this more than a little scary interview with Kacper Gradon, who wants to monitor online communities for potential shooters. While it’s true that a number of school shooters have left warnings/cries for help online, the idea that a spy agency would be crawling social networks is just horrifying (and would almost ensure that a number of people would seek harder to find networks).

I love that the interviewer refuses to give Gradon’s premise a free pass, and brings up the serious objection that discerning intent from escapist writings and artwork that all kids engage in on some level is nigh impossible.

You can listen to these interviews online, or download the podcast here.

Thanks to micham18 for the heads up.

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