Internet Sausage

by alphamonkey on May 8, 2008 · 0 comments

in Miscellany

The Washington Post reports on NeuStar, the company that acts as the digital directory for every phone call made in the United States (as well as a number of text and internet transactions), and the nebulous oversight realm it resides in – No, that’s not scary at all.

Goodbye Super Deluxe. Hello Adult Swim. – Yup, Super Deluxe is folding into Adult Swim because that content is SO similar. I think someone thought “Hey, that Brad Neely guy is popular. And he draws stuff. Let’s just make it all Adult Swim”

The R2-D2 Projector – WANT does not convey my desire. (Thanks, Ted)

Pop Goes Christianity – Slate takes a look at Daniel Radosh’s Rapture Ready!, which explores how Christian culture has created it’s own shadow pop culture.

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