System Hell & and some disturbing insights from Wikipedia…

by alphamonkey on May 15, 2008 · 1 comment

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My apololgies, folks… I severely underestimated the hassle my new system setup would pose on my posting ability due to not understanding the fact that Vista was designed solely to $#%! with me and my new rig. I’m having to make due with (sigh) Media Center 2002 while I await my XP Pro delivery, and even that setup was a Kafkaesque foray into just how casually cruel the MS developers can be.

So it’s spareness until I’m back up to a manageable working enviornment, but thankfully that means I can go hogwild starting Monday at the very latest.

And because I know I’ll get at least one comment/e-mail about it: No, I don’t want a Mac, and yes Unbunto is getting installed as soon as XP Pro finishes setup.

Don’t ask me how, but I found myself reading Wikipedia’s entries on astrology signs the other night. When the realm of user-generated information tools wanders into the nebulous world of stuff like astrology (or theology, or say the work of Joss Whedon), you can expect the simple clarity and neutral tone to go right out the window, which is at the very least an entertaining change.

What amused me most however was the fact that only a few signs (including my own, Cancer) had listings for ‘traits considered negative‘, which indicates either the contributors got bored and gave up, or someone out there has a serious beef with a couple of Zodiac signs. I just imagine some vengeful New Ager tearing through the signs of all their ex-boyfriends/girlfriends. “That’ll teach them for leaving me for that slut-bag barista!”

Now let’s be clear: I hold astrology to be about as accurate and applicable to real life as a Magic 8-Ball (or the beliefs of Ron Paul supporters), but I was a little taken aback to find out that in addition to being inclined towards devious and dominating behavior, I am apparently prone to madness.


Which makes Wikipedia’s entry on Cancer simultaneously the most depressing and awesome entry ever. I’m so pulling this out when my girls try to question my dad-ly authority or my improvised explanations on how things work. “See girls, there’s no making sense of it! I’m mad, I tell you! MAD!”

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    Wikipedia’s entries are writings from folks attempting to broaden information sharing. I find a book called, “Personology” written by Gary Goldschneider to be not only an interesting view but fairly accurate with those who have gotten a chart reading. Check it out! Remember personalities have both good and bad characteristics and astrology offers a choice or suggestion to improve what your potential is :-)

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