The Art of Travis Louie

by alphamonkey on May 1, 2008 · 2 comments

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The Art of Travis LouieTravis Louie’s paintings are interesting enough on their own, but the backstory given to each of his fantastic portraits is just awesome.

Check out The Art of Travis Louie.

Here’s the bio for Reginald Whiskers McPherson (pictured to the right)

Reginald could hold his breath for over an hour and crack open oyster shells on his chest. He loved eating catfish and preferred single-malt Scotch. He had an unusual gait (his arms flailed a bit and he shuffled his feet like an unbalanced penguin).

Despite his repulsive body odor, he was the most popular professor during his tenure at Cambridge. His inventions and discoveries garnered him great fame, great wealth, and a knighthood. Always a laugh, he was constantly surrounded by women and rarely slept alone. This bristle-faced lothario was the envy of the entire continent. The English catch-phrase for having a good time became ” Who’s having the life of Reggie now!? ”

His entire adult life seemed to be one great moment after another, . . .and he laughed and laughed, . . .invented and achieved, . . .and laughed, . . .and continued to accomplish seemingly impossible tasks, while having possibly the best time that anyone had ever had in the entire history of the world! One good time led to another , . . . and another , . . .and another still. Until one day Sir Reginald dropped his timepiece, . . .and when he bent down to pick it up, he spontaneously combusted!!

All that remained recognizable on his pile of ashes, were his whiskers and his shoes.

credit to Dogbone, who shall ever be King Shit of Internet Mountain

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  • Just Plain Bob

    Wow. The art here is just gorgeous… the bios add a lot of flavor, but I think the mark was missed. Taking the example of Reginald, the ending is a bit abrupt and pretty absurd. One expects a bit of wackiness with images like this, but still, the sudden ‘spontaneous combustion’ is a bit of a flat gag. Throughout the rest of the pieces, the bios are fraught with typos (or perhaps just poor spelling?) and show a similar lack of fulfillment to a grand promise. Images of this quality should have a more thorough, Jorge-Luis-Borges style writing alongside them.

  • Travis Louie

    Seems that the punctuation marks don’t transfer from Flickr to WordPress, . . . thanks for pointing that out.
    On my end, the punctuation marks are coming out like “Greeking”

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