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I’m mighty excited for the release of WiiWare on Monday (if for no other reason than it means me getting Dr. Mario), but I can certainly see the appeal in ignoring Nintendo’s release schedule. There’s a sizable Homebrew community that’s adopted the Wii as their playground of choice, and they’ve managed to accomplish some really cool things.

WiiBrew.org is one community Wiki resource that rewards a little technical bravery by showing you how to open up your Wii to Linux, loading your own emulators (including the awesome ScummVM), handy file management applications, and even Wiimote based paint apps.

Below is a clip showing the Homebrew Channel, an as-yet-to-be-released homebrew option that consolidates a number of popular options into a menu friendly format.

Now make no mistake: Homebrew apps like these are completely unsupported by Nintendo (and indeed there’s a chance that loading something like a Linux distro will brick your Wii into a useless hunk of white plastic), so tread carefully. Or, you know, just wait until Monday when the official Homebrew (well, kinda) launches.

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