Internet Sausage – Happy and Sad

by alphamonkey on June 10, 2008 · 0 comments

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The New York Times profile of game god Miyamato illustrates just how far reaching an influence this man really has, as well as showcasing my own lack of Wii Fit technology.

Paul Newman has been diagnosed with terminal lung-cancer. – Holy crap, but that makes me so very sad.

The US withdrew support from the UN’s Human Rights Council on Friday. While part of me just thinks ‘oh, great.. That’s awesome for our reputation’, I have to admit that, considering which other nations sit on the council, it’s a half-full gesture at best. Still, the idea of taking our ball and going home just drives home how little we’ve accomplished diplomatically in the last 7 years.

As we all collectively choke on gas prices, I find this editorial particularly relevant:

“The average U.S. citizen completely ignores the regularity with which the automobile kills him, maims him, embroils him with the law and provides mobile shelter for rakes intent on seducing his daughters. He takes it into his garage as fondly as an Arab leading a prize mare into his tent. He woos it with Simoniz, Prestone, Ethyl and rich lubricants—and goes broke trading it in on something flashier an hour after he has made the last payment on the old one.”

From the Dec. 15, 1947 issue of Time Magazine, oddly enough.

And finally: Free Range Kids – The burgeoning movement to bring back the unsupervised play of old. About damn time…

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