Midnight Madness with Jon Lajoie

by alphamonkey on June 20, 2008 · 0 comments

in Music Videos,Short Film

I’m shamelessly aping this from my own tumblr feed:

FYI, summer lovers: Due to forecasted Obamamania, this summer will be the last huzzah for troglodyte Lotharios, as once in office Obama’s smooth moves will render a generation of men raised in the 8 year wilderness of Neo Iron John-ness as viable as a flan in a heated cupboard.

Therefore, I predict the above summer jam will be adopted as the McCain Campaign theme song post-haste in a blatant effort to show this country that John McCain is the candidate of men who don’t cry during Cameron Crowe films.

Well, fuck you, John McCain! I even teared up during Elizabethtown!

Watch Jon Lajoie’s ‘Show Me Your Genitals’ (and by all means check out the man’s website)

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