Conservapedia vs Science – still rocking an 0 to infinity record.

by alphamonkey on July 1, 2008 · 7 comments

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Conservapedia seems more and more like a bizarre performance art-piece unleashed upon an unwitting public. How else do you explain the continued existence of a wiki designed solely to ‘combat the left-wing bias of Wikipedia‘?

Well, they’re at it again. Considering how the news of evolutionary biologist Richard Lenski’s discovery of evolving strains of e. coli was received among Transbuddha readers, take for a moment to imagine the reaction of Andrew Schlafly’s crew.

But the real fun is had when Schlafly (who comes by his pompous idiocy naturally) attempted to throw down a gauntlet by requesting Lenski’s raw data from Lenski himself. The result is hands down the greatest take-down flame I’ve ever read, as Lenski points out that a) all the data is in published paper which b) Schlafly admits to not having read and c) is probably incapable of understanding anyway.

To Conservapedia’s credit, Lenski’s responses are published in full on the site (more than likely due to Lenski’s note that he’d publish them widely elsewhere otherwise), and I heartily recommend taking a few to read through the exchange.

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  • Just Plain Bob

    “Considering how the news…was received among Transbuddha readers…”

    For the record, mon vieux, I was responding to your (and Eros’) comments, not Lenski’s research. He’s doing brilliant work.

    Conservapedia’s just another example of people who cherish a certain set of values to the point of making ill-informed attacks on anyone who disagrees. I beg you, don’t lump all conservatives in with them.
    Cuz, you know. They’re stupid. And I like to think I’m not. 😛

  • Just Plain Bob

    …and I’ve never said you’ll burn anywhere.

  • .alphamonkey.

    You said to me once that if I don’t use appropriate SPF sunscreen, I’ll burn outside.


  • andy cochrane

    Took a while to read it all, but extremely well worth it, thanks for posting this Alpha.

  • Jimmy

    Great post! Its nice to see reason and empiricism trump ideological idiocy again. I’m not sure if you checked out the garbage that they posted on atheists there, but its total blasphemous garbage. Its funny how far-right “media-outlets” fight moderate bias with extremist bias.

  • Just Plain Bob

    Well, that was because I’m irish and spend most of my summers crispy. I was just trying to pass on the knowledge gleaned from years of looking like a lobster.

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