Internet Sausage – Corpses, Cookies, Cacophony, and Cable

by alphamonkey on July 17, 2008 · 0 comments

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The Washington Post takes a 12 part look at the strange and sad tale of Chandra Levy, whose disappearance all but dominated the news for the late Spring/early Summer of 2001. As the series is only up to part 5, it’s by no means a complete account, but it’s still an interesting read.

It’s the internet so what the hell: Cracked’s list of 5 Famous Sci-Fi Weapons They’re Actually Building – You have to love a list that manages to instill blanket fear and ‘holy shit, that’s AWESOME’ in equal measure.

Jonathan Porter hates muzak. A lot. And, it must be said, apparently he hates teh gay as well, but mostly muzak. And by ‘muzak’, he means any public music. Read the ranting of a man who makes me feel downright reasonable!

The New York Time gets to the heart of a story that’s been long overdue: The Quest for the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie. Awesome! Tips and tricks abound (hint: chill, chill, chill that dough), and if you’re not jonesing for a cookie by the end of this you don’t deserve your taste buds.

If you’re impatient with cookie perfection (and let’s face it: you’re on the Internet, so the answer is probably ‘yes’), take a gander at Aki Kamozawa and H. Alexander Talbot’s alternative: The Vacuum Sealed Cookie Dough.

And finally: You want to throw down and prove you’re the nerdiest nerd in the cube farm? Print out and read ‘buddha favorite Neal Stephenson’s massive article on the technical subtleties (and art) of laying cable. The tech kind, you perv.

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