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Get your brain on, sleepyheads. Just because it’s Monday morning doesn’t mean we can get the brain juice flowing free like phat beats. (How’s that for a pre-coffee image) Enough fiddle faddle. Let’s begin..

Wilfred M. McClay lays out the case for why we so dearly need the Humanities in this wonderful essay ‘The Burden of the Humanities‘, arguing that while their worth can’t be quantified or measured in the same way as tech or hard science, the humanities value to us as a culture (and a species) is immeasurable.

MIT Scientists are discussing their findings regarding a dye-coated glass that will beat out traditional solar panel efficiency ‘by a factor of over 40’. – That, my friends, is sweet, sweet news. As is the notion that this discovery can not only augment existing solar cell tech, but might be feasible as a market option in as little as three years. Who loves the sun, indeed?

Olivia Judson lays out a beautiful case for why Darwin’s ‘On the Origin of Species’ remains a vital must-read nearly 150 years later. I’ll admit I’ve never managed to get through it (for a number of reasons that Judson touches on in her piece), but I’m invigorated to give it another go after such a wonderful love letter to what is by far one of the most important works ever committed to paper.

Filing under ‘No Duh’ – An Italian court has ruled the government owes Danilo Giuffrida 100,000 Euros for classifying his homosexuality as a mental illness, forcing him to retake his driver’s license exam and limiting his license.

And frankly, if your face wasn’t rocked by Journey at the Center of the’re dead inside. Super rocking thanks for Alan for that one.

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