Pickens Plan

by alphamonkey on July 10, 2008 · 1 comment

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I’ve been doing a lot of reading about the Chevy Volt (along with all the other upcoming hybrid cars) for another project I’m involved in, so oil dependency is very much on my mind. Well, let’s be frank: $60 dollars to fill my tank kicks it up a few notches in the priority list as well..

But anyway, Founder and chairman of BP Capital Management T. Boone Pickens has it on his mind as well, and he’s making a pitch to put the US’s considerable wind power to use to drastically reduce our dependency on oil. Now I’ll admit that I’m not up enough on the science to gauge whether it’s a feasible idea or not, but it’s certainly an interesting one. Check it out for yourself:

Watch this clip

You can find a veritable ton of further reading at the site PickensPlan

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