August 2008

Those clever gents from Mythbusters use paintball guns to illustrate the difference between CPU and GPU in terms of parallel processing, resulting in a Mona Lisa painted via the world’s most hardcore paintball gun in less than 80 milliseconds.

Hot damn, but I love me some science.


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Alaska Governor Sarah PalinI gotta say it: Wow. Talk about a left (or rather right) field choice. Alaska governor Sarah Palin got the GOP VP nod this morning in Dayton*, and my first thought was: “Does he really think the Clinton supporters are so gender focused and fickle that they’ll flock to the party that’s proven to be anti-womens’ rights over and over again just because he picked a young female governor who kinda looks like the PTA version of Mariska Hargitay ?” Followed by an immediate “Yeah, he probably does”.

Palin’s such an unknown that it’s hard to say whether this is a brilliant move, or merely an ultimately futile pander to the imagined legions of disaffected Clinton supporters (whom I suspect had their numbers drastically reduced this week). I will say this though: McCain just chucked the whole ‘Obama’s not experienced enough’ attack out the window, as Palin’s 2 years of experience of State government doesn’t exactly put Obama’s 3 years in the Senate and 7 years of State Legislature out to pasture.

Likewise, I fear the VP debates just got a little less interesting (from the point-of-view of someone who enjoys Joe Biden in full on attack mode), as there’s no way Biden’s trademark acerbic style is going to come out looking good if he unleashes on the self-styled hockey mom.

*How disappointing it must be to have your introduction to the national stage take place from Dayton. The Casa de Mono rule of thumb when traversing Ohio’s highway system is a simple one: If you’re heading toward Dayton, you’re going the wrong way.

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The man did not disappoint.

McCain better announce John McClean as his VP tomorrow from Dayton if he’s going to have any chance of outshining a truly history making speech.

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GhostbustersList posts serve a couple functions. They’re an easy out for a slow news day (or week), they’re discussion spawning nostalgia hooks, and sometimes they’re the entire basis for your site. But of course we fall for them every single time.

Entertainment Weekly just wrapped up an online poll pinning down the Funniest Movies of the Last 25 years and for once I’m in near total agreement with the majority of the list, including the #1 slotter: Ghostbusters. Holy damn, but that movie never stops being funny.

I was a little baffled at the inclusion of “Tropic of Thunder”, as it’s not as if we’ve had the time to let the film sink in and really become part of the cultural vocabulary. Likewise for the inclusion of “Superbad”. I adored the film, but I suppose it’s a replacement for the missed-it-by-one-year (and far superior) “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”. The only choice that I vehemently disagree with would have to be Office Space. It has one of the best opening 40 minutes of any comedy, but the plot just drags the movie down into the mirthless mud.

Though I gotta say: No “¡Three Amigos!”? “Shaun of the Dead”? C’mon…”Raising Arizona” doesn’t warrant a mention? For Buddha’s sake.. no “RUSHMORE”? So maybe I’m not in total agreement after all. Hmmmm.

Oh well, that’s list making for ya. I’m curious: What do you think was left off the list (or foolishly included)?

Check out the full list here: EW’s The Comedy 25: The Funniest Movies of the Past 25 Years

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For most Americans, Barack Obama’s keynote speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention marked the introduction to the man who’ll be accepting the presidential nomination tonight. It’s safe to say that it’s been a long 4 years, and the man who’ll be standing in front of some 75,000 supporters at Invesco Field has surpassed the promise of his 2004 address, becoming both the fear and the hope for our next four years (depending on what side of the aisle you’re sitting on).

With that in mind (and because I’m very much looking forward to tonight’s address), here’s the first part of Obama’s now iconic 2004 address (with part 2 after the jump).

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Time Lapsed Nature

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For no other reason than because I thought it was super-cool to watch: Time lasped film of slime molds and stink horn mushrooms. Creepy and cool.

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I’ve been, well not really avoiding posting about the Democratic National Convention, but simply not posting because I’d hope that everyone was already paying attention. Last night’s electrifying speech from Democratic Vice Presidental nominee Joe Biden is going to make me change that policy.

I’ve been fond of Joe Biden for a long, long time. He’s a passionate and fiery speaker, he’s a smart man who doesn’t feel like he should have to dumb it down to do his job, and while he’s made an inordinate number of verbal gaffes (along with supporting the RIAA and pushing through the contemptible bankruptcy bill a few years back) I can safely say he’s the kind of bastard I like.

I can’t imagine that following a Bill Clinton speech to an auditorium full of supporters is high on anyone’s list, but Biden knocked this out of the part. In 22 short minutes he set the tone for what this election season is really about, and he showed that he might be the fiercest attack dog the Democratic Party has seen in quite some time. Bravo, Mr. Biden. Bravo indeed.

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Jason Sudeikis (“30 Rock,” “Saturday Night Live”) is so good as the rock-band manager in the new movie “The Rocker” that he pretty much steals the show. Being rockers ourselves, we wanted to do something a little different than the normal junket interview. Sudeikis was in town promoting “The Rocker” (starring Rainn Wilson), so we ambushed the comedy star with a homegrown rock n’ roll quiz to see how much of his portrayal was a result of Method acting. As it turns out, this didn’t quite go exactly as planned. This is probably the last time we try to quiz a movie star. Yikes! Maybe we should just stick to the regular junket questions. Anyway, enjoy this very uncomfortable interview with Jason Sudeikis from a dirty hotel room somewhere in Kansas City. Win a poster he signed for us here.

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Traitor Review

by alphamonkey on August 27, 2008

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Don Cheadle is the man! Check out our review for his latest drama/action/spy thriller Traitor! What do we have to say?

“Wow! An action/spy thriller distilled through the lens of an art house flick. Don Cheadle heads this impressively strong film about terrorism, and the lengths people will go to in order to commit, and to stop, it. Oh, and it’s got one of the best twists I’ve seen on film since that little kid saw dead people. Traitor is simply a must-see.”

Read the Full Review!

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Comic Rack

by alphamonkey on August 27, 2008

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Hmm, we’re about to talk about comics so it must be Wednesday!  Welcome to the RazorFine Comic Rack boys and girls.  Pull up a bean bag and take a seat at feet of the master as we look at the new comics set to hit comic shops and bookstores today from DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, WildStorm, Vertigo, IDW Publishing, Dynamite Entertainment, Devil’s Due Publishing, Archie, and Image Comics.

This week includes Army of Darkness, DMZ, Justice Society of America, Star Wars: Rebellion, Wildcats, X-Men: Legacy, the first issues of Final Crisis: Superman Beyond, Guerillas, Marvel: Your Universe Saga, newuniversal: Conquerer, and the final issues of Catwoman, Project Superpowers, The Secret History of The Authority: Jack Hawksmoor, and Star Trek: Year Four – The Enterprise Experiment.  Also don’t forget the truckload of new graphic novels including America’s Best Comic Primer, The Astounding Wolf-Man Vol. 1, Daredevil by Brain Michael Bendis Omnibus Vol. 1, Metal Men, Roy Rogers Archives, She-Hulk Vol. 6: Jaded, Suicide Squad: From the Ashes, and much, much more.

Enjoy issue #85

And, if you haven’t already, come check out our DVD review for DC Super Heroes: The Filmation Adventures collecting the classic late 60’s shorts featuring Green Lantern, the Flash, Hawkman, the Atom, the Teen Titans, and The Justice League of America.

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