And McCain picks…. Sarah Palin

by alphamonkey on August 29, 2008 · 10 comments

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Alaska Governor Sarah PalinI gotta say it: Wow. Talk about a left (or rather right) field choice. Alaska governor Sarah Palin got the GOP VP nod this morning in Dayton*, and my first thought was: “Does he really think the Clinton supporters are so gender focused and fickle that they’ll flock to the party that’s proven to be anti-womens’ rights over and over again just because he picked a young female governor who kinda looks like the PTA version of Mariska Hargitay ?” Followed by an immediate “Yeah, he probably does”.

Palin’s such an unknown that it’s hard to say whether this is a brilliant move, or merely an ultimately futile pander to the imagined legions of disaffected Clinton supporters (whom I suspect had their numbers drastically reduced this week). I will say this though: McCain just chucked the whole ‘Obama’s not experienced enough’ attack out the window, as Palin’s 2 years of experience of State government doesn’t exactly put Obama’s 3 years in the Senate and 7 years of State Legislature out to pasture.

Likewise, I fear the VP debates just got a little less interesting (from the point-of-view of someone who enjoys Joe Biden in full on attack mode), as there’s no way Biden’s trademark acerbic style is going to come out looking good if he unleashes on the self-styled hockey mom.

*How disappointing it must be to have your introduction to the national stage take place from Dayton. The Casa de Mono rule of thumb when traversing Ohio’s highway system is a simple one: If you’re heading toward Dayton, you’re going the wrong way.

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  • matt

    goodbye transbuddha, this website has become so full of left BS that I think I am on the MSNBC site or reading transcripts from the Daily Show. Everytime I log on hopeing to find some interesting video or clever online game, I get some computer shut in ripping on conservatives because its the cool thing to do. I’m all for you having freedom of speech but I am excersizing my right to not have to see your crap everyday. Thanks for introducing me to the Winterbells game. Bye.

  • BAD

    Total MILF! THey got my vote…. 😉

  • .alphamonkey.

    Well, I’m relatively certain that our no-longer-friend Matt wasn’t around in 2004, that’s for damn sure.

    You know, it’s a tough balance keeping this lumbering beast moving for what is fast approaching five straight years. While there have been other voices influencing Transbuddha over the years (The Good Reverend, Shadow Stalker, mrcookieface, and The Scarlet Harlot to name but a few), at the end of the day it comes down to me sharing the things that interest me (in the hopes that they’ll interest anyone who happens by).

    I am a political junkie. I admit that wholeheartedly. But just as I don’t expect everyone to share that passion (or agree with how it comes down), I fail to see how my posting of the same should somehow be verboten. After all… I put my stamp and opinion on nearly everything that’s posted to this site, and those music video, game, or sketch posts represent my passions just as fiercely.

    Participatory government matters to me. I believe in it, and to me the notion of staying out of the discussion is the hallmark of bad citizenship. So while I lament that you can’t gloss over a political post with the same measure you would a video post from a band you don’t care for, I can’t lament your departure. Because while you might not realize it, this site is a repository for the things that matter to me, and that means the politics as much as it does masturbation jokes and music videos.

  • BAD


    I’m leaving this site cause I don’t like the color of the borders around the posts!

    What is that burnt umber? Disgusting. Good day sir!

  • Rick

    To Matt, who will not read this:

    There is nothing leftist about saying that Sarah Palin is a ridiculous, selfish joke of a choice for VP, with no experience or credentials. This is clearly a political move to attract Clinton supporters, and not about who is best for the job. An Alaskan Governor in the middle of an ethical scandal with fewer than two years experience and a four-month-old child should not be a heartbeat away from the most powerful job in the world.

    Also, AM, keep up the good work. Post whatever the fuck you want. I’m sure there’s some right-wing blogger out there that alternately posts Grow Games and rants about banning gay marriage, and I’m glad I don’t have to read his site every day. This isn’t the NYT, it’s a blog. It doesn’t have to be fair and balanced. And in fact it shouldn’t be.

    I’m not going to go to the National Review and tell them to stop posting right-wing propaganda. I have the freedom not to go there, and I exercise it.

  • .alphamonkey.

    Oh, huh. I thought the NR was a comedy site like the Onion. Weird!

    And thank you for the words of encouragement, Rick.

  • RazorFine

    Wait, the Onion is a humor site? Damn, guess I need to pay more attention.

    On the serious note, any former-Hilary supporters who jump to the McCain ticket because of this deserve the country and future they will end up voting for (sadly we’ll have to live there too). And yes, I say former-Hilary supporters (I’m talking to you PUMA, etc.) as you can’t logically call yourself pro-Clinton and still go against the candidate (Obama) whom she endorsed during the DNC. You love her so much you’re going to vote for a candidate that is the antithesis of what she believes in? Yeah… You can call yourself anti-Obama, but don’t try to pass the line your voting against him for Hilary. That’s a level of BS even FOX News doesn’t hit but once or twice a week.

  • Sarah Palin Blog

    We can’t afford 4 more years of the same. Grampie McSame and Caribu Barbie have got to go!

  • palinlover081

    I admire Sarah Palin because she had also done a lot in the area of Politics specially in Alaska where she was a governor.

  • Ralph

    She passed a law to charge women $600 for their own rape kit at the hospital…

    ’nuff said.

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