Ashes of Time Redux

by alphamonkey on August 8, 2008 · 1 comment

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Well, snip my britches. Wong Kar-Wai has given his epic Ashes of Time the redux treatment! This was my introduction to Kar-Wei, and it’s remained one of the most hallucinatory, sensory overload films ever (in my mind), and certainly a hallmark of martial arts cinema. Production was so demanding (and so delayed) that Wong Kar-Wai actually took 2 months off to make Chungking Express (one of my favorite films of all time and certainly the only one to make me adore a Cranberries song) before returning to finish what’s unarguably a wuxia masterpiece, so the idea that Kar-Wai would return to it is rather fitting.


Check out trailer-y goodness here.

Thanks to Coudal Partners for the find. Seriously, do you guys even do actual work?

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    Can’t wait to see the redux version.

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