Devendra Banhart – Carmensita

by alphamonkey on August 25, 2008 · 5 comments

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I go back and forth on Devendra Banhart’s music, but I’ll give the man this: He makes phenomenal videos. Here’s the clip for his latest single ‘Carmensita‘ from his recent release Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon..

Pure Bollywood genius, even if it does feature Natalie Hurry-up-and-star-in-something-watchable Portman

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  • RazorFine

    “Natalie Hurry-up-and-star-in-something-watchable Portman”

    *cough*Garden State*cough*

  • Your Good Twin

    Hahaha, I cracked up at the Portman jab. I couldn’t even finish Garden State. When that looney lady hopped up and jiggled about because she “didn’t feel unique at that moment” or whatever stupid shit she said, I hit the stop button. I don’t like dumb attention-whore “art” kids in real life, and I don’t need to watch a movie about Zach Braff thinking he’s discovering something special in one.

    Although I heard “Closer” was pretty good, is that not so much?

  • science

    i heard this song for the 1st time 2day and have listened to it 100 more times yet, it would be the perfect song for cruising around in a drop top with a sweet suit on and smoking alot of hash with wayfarer glasses on. thats what i see anyway

  • Lupus Yonderboy

    Closer made me wish I could invent a time machine and prevent anyone who was involved with the project from ever being born.

    Touted as “edgy” when all it really had was a bunch of liars attempting to say “shocking” things. Whoopidy-doo! I can go to a trendy bar any day of the year and see that if I wanted.

  • RaggedGlory

    listen to a song from 07′ called Anywhere I Go by a band called Slightly Stoopid. sounds alot like the same guitar riff.

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