Dr. Ronald Chevalier – The Art of Relaxating

by alphamonkey on August 1, 2008 · 4 comments

in Commercials,Short Film

Flight of the Conchord’s Jemaine Clement takes into the relaxating world of Dr. Ronald Chevalier via this goofball short.

Color me jaded, but this just screams ‘viral attempt’. Anyone have a line on what this is roundabout pimping?

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  • kitkat

    He is in a new movie called Gentleman Broncos which is due out in January 2009. This is the character he plays. He just put up a website, myspacepage and facebook page as well. Check out http://www.imdb.com for details or this:


  • http://N/A M

    It’s a promo for the new Jared Hess movie in production, Gentlemen Broncos. Love your website.

  • Stimpson

    Hmm… Well, I reckon it’s probably just Jemaine’s new character/possible series/webisode or whatever…

    The “official site” is copyright Fox TV, and “ronaldchevalier.com” WHOIS lookup gives this:

    Intellectual Property Department (TCFFC)
    Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
    P.O. Box 900
    Beverly Hills CA 90213-0900

    Ah, whatever. So long as there’s songs about robots then I’m happy…

  • Stimpson

    Aw bugger – I should have just googled it in the first place {slaps forehead}

    “A viral site featuring Jermaine Clement, of Flight of the Conchords fame, as famous sci-fi author Dr. Ronald Chevalier is up here. The film is called Gentlemen Broncos, directed by Jarred Hess and written by him and his wife Jerusha. The story is about a kid who goes to a fantasy convention and discovers that one of his ideas has been robbed by an author. Sam Rockwell and Jennifer Coolidge appear in the film also. No release day set for this year yet so I’d say maybe expect it sometime next Spring.”

    From: http://fromtheprojectionbooth.blogspot.com/2008/07/ronald-chevalier-will-change-your.html

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