Get Your (Animated) War On

by alphamonkey on August 4, 2008 · 2 comments

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David Rees’s blistering Get Your War On gets itself the animated treatment in a new series from 23/6.

I was a little wary of an animated version because well, let’s face it: the voices would make or break how well the lines came across, and the clip-art format of the strip was what gave it such a everyday (albeit profane and sometimes insane) office chatter feel.

That said, I think the rotoscoping effect works rather well, and this premiere episode hits all the right notes. I’m looking forward to more, even though I dearly wish the reasons for the strip would go away.

Get Your War On: The Watch List

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  • Viktor

    I guess I’m pretty much a hawk, but I’ve often enjoyed this person’s work despite having a very different point of view. The animation (and voice acting, which, as Mr. Monkey says, is the real key) work well to convey the right effect.

  • Roto Artist

    I really like the rather minimalist effect… Rotoscoping is really used well in this clip; the white background contrasted with red… Really nice…

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