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by alphamonkey on September 2, 2008 · 3 comments

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Yeah, you thought I’d stay out of this, huh? You know, I resisted posting anything regarding Bristol Palin’s pregnancy or the rumors about Trig Palin (which I shan’t dignify with a link). I resisted posting links to Sarah Palins comments supporting the ‘Bridge to Nowhere’ (and yes, she kept the earmark money for the state), or the fact that she’s not only under investigation for misconduct and abuse of power as governor of Alaska, but was almost recalled over a similar firing issue as the mayor of Wasilla.

But I can’t pass this up: The claim that Sarah Palin’s role as Commander-in-Chief of the Alaskan National Guard somehow preps her for assuming the presidency is so far beyond laughable as to be almost insane. According to Maj. Gen. Craig Campbell, the adjunt general of the Guard, “he and Palin play no role in national defense activities, even when they involve the Alaska National Guard. The entire operation is under federal control, and the governor is not briefed on situations.

Yet somehow that’s conflated to become the decisive CiC experience that’ll put Palin over the top. What’s great is that now even the media (normally sympathetic to regurgitating campaign talking points) has decided that there’s only so much bullshit they’ll let get by without comment, as evidenced by Campbell Brown trying to get McCain’s spokesperson Tucker Bounds to name even a single executive decision made by Palin regarding the National Guard.

When CNN gets that confrontational, you know there’s not a whole lot of hope for Palin’s chances of avoiding being known as the 21st Century’s first Tom Eagleton.

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  • BAD

    YOu just can’t accept that McCain trumped Obama. I’m not saying I’m happy about it, but I think this move was a good one, and McCain will win if he keeps her as his VP.

    The pluses far out weigh the minuses.

    Pluses; She is a woman, She has Trig, she is young and good looking (go ahead and tell me that doesn’t count, you know it does ;}), she is the poster person for family values, she has controversy around her (that can be played as a plus), and lets face it she has a great attitude.

    Minuses; She may have misappropriated some funds, a young pregnant daughter (not even a real issue), and not much experience.

    They are gonna win. Sorry. At least that is my prediction….

  • .alphamonkey.

    I can accept (and indeed will happily admit) that Sarah Palin’s national introduction on Friday was nothing short of a brilliant short-term move that effectively killed what would have otherwise been a weekend of discussion regarding a very successful and transformative Democratic National Convention.

    But it was a short-term move regardless. It’s already an open secret that McCain picked Palin as a ‘fuck you’ to Karl Rove & Co. for making him drop Lieberman as his VP, and the last 72 hours of disclosure after embarrassing disclosure are the result of McCain making one of his trademark gut-check, screw the consequences decisions. There’s absolutely no way Palin could have been fully vetted nor could she have been his choice all along, otherwise they would have let these stories start trickling out back in February to lessen their impact before announcement.

    So short term brilliance? Very much so, but the long-term consequences… the fact that she has six weeks of campaigning ahead of her, making more revelations a certainly and vastly increasing her opportunities to stick her foot so far into her mouth as to be walking on it again.

    Hell, the whole ‘Troopergate’ inquiry is supposed to have the results aired not 7 days before the election. Even her supporters in the Alaskan legislature think it’s going to go badly for her.

    I’m not saying that her charm and pro-family/Christian bona-fides won’t buffer a lot of the damage, but I certainly know better than to underestimate the women who see right through this blatant shock-tactic, not to mention those who understand that she represents the complete and utter antithesis of everything Hillary Clinton believes in.

  • BAD

    In any case, you have to admit this election is turning into a circus. I’m gonna sit back and get some popcorn ready.

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