Polymaths – Strike

by alphamonkey on September 11, 2008 · 0 comments

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Just like any other site that features outside content, I get a sizable number of ‘hey, check this out’ e-mails and links, and mostly they’re annoying (as they’re being pushed by marketing firms or creators who don’t take the time to see what kind of content I run here), so I’m always pleasantly surprised when I get a heads-up from a creator who a) has something of genuine interest to share and b) has been hanging around long enough to know my tastes.

Matt from the Regina, Saskatchewan band Polymath sent along this clip for their tune ‘Strike’, obviously taking advantage of my current obsession with North of the border music, not to mention my shameless and much-proclaimed love of the pop.

Give it a look/listen:

I’ll get this out of the way now: The collage style approach to a live clip is a great idea that doesn’t quite work in execution (especially when it’s your introduction to a band), but let’s be honest here: Music videos are expensive endeavors that most bands can’t afford until they’re label-supported.

“Strike” certainly delivers the pop goodness with an organ line hooked me from the get-go, and a ear-pleasing chorus/bridge combo that stuck with me for a while (not to mention engaging the ‘must add harmonies’ nodes in my brain). Overall there’s an updated more-pop/no horns General Public feel to the tune, and frankly I’m down with that.

All in all, it made wish the other clips from the band had cleaner audio, as my rock damaged ears have been far too abused to tease out the tunes from the lo-fi live clips.

So many thanks for the heads up on a great tune, Matt. And don’t get too sucked in to Bubble Shooter.

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