Rage on the Radio

by alphamonkey on September 15, 2008 · 4 comments

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Bill Moyers Journal - Rage on the RadioWhile I’m sure most of you spend your Friday nights glued to PBS, on the chance that you were out – Bill Moyer tackled talk radio and its effects on both the political discourse in this country as well as the shockingly hateful actions it can promote.

It’s a wonderful (if disconcerting) look at how talk radio gained such a foothold in the US, as well as how it was used to further the genocide in Rwanda.

Watch ‘Rage on the Radio’ via PBS’s Bill Moyers Journal page, or via YouTube (Part 1 & Part 2)

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  • Recycled Miffery

    Bill Moyers is a mild-mannered bully. Under the Johnson Administration, Bill Moyers asked the FBI to conduct namechecks on political opponents in the hopes of publicly gay bashing them. His buffoonish disdain for Hillary Clinton (whom I did not support – Obama ’08) were disheartening.

    It goes without saying, but I question his integrity as a journalist.

    It makes me sick that he’s on our side. He’s a thug in tweed.

  • Recycled Miffery

    Oh and don’t forget that Moyers green-lighted this little historic gem of a politcal ad –


    And now cries about how ugly and partisan things have become? This man is a major part of the problem. Please don’t lend him any more credence.

    He’s the reason why, 40 years after the fact, whenever we cry about 9-11 scare tactics in ads, those GOP dopes smile smugly and say, “Daisy.”

    Thanks, Bill. Ever think of switching sides?

  • http://www.dadsbigplan.com .alphamonkey.

    I’m not discounting his work under Johnson, but Johnson was the one who ordered those namechecks, not Moyers (even if he did see them carried out).
    As for Daisy…well, you’re leaving out the fact that there were more hands on that than just Moyers. Lloyd Wright and Jack Valenti deserve just as much ‘credit’ for Daisy as anyone. But it was Moyers and Wright who decided that it should only be run once, because even they thought it was a low-blow (in a campaign that was full of them).

    I heartily recommend taking a read through “Daisy: The Complete History“.

    So yah..he doesn’t have a spotless record, but since his move to full time journalism he’s made up for it in my mind.

  • Recycled Miffery

    Come on, he was Johnson’s press secretary. He could have gone to jail for spying, probably should have. That is an egregious abuse of power. I can only respect the guy who will resign over it, I can’t accept the tool who commits a crime “because he was ordered to.”

    From political hitman to full-time “journalist” who can’t but conceal his absolute vitrol for the right isn’t a guy I need to make my case, thanks. [don’t get me wrong, vitriol for the right is justified, but you can’t hide behind the skirts of “journalism” and still do it. Just ask Chris Matthews and that cross-eyed guy who used to do sports. It is a sad day when the face of liberalism is a [snicker] “objective talking head on tv.]

    Bill Moyers is the guy who absolutely directly arms the right-wing – in fact, I wonder if he’s somehow an operative of theirs. He’s no friend of ours, in that he lends credence to the argument that the media holds to a left-wing bias, all in soothing tones about his “craft” as an “objective journalist” is too much too take. The fact that he’s a guy who approved of federal spying for political purposes when it suited him yet now acts as if the Patriot Act is the hallmark of the Fourth Reich would be laughable, if he weren’t so dang calm about it.

    The guy approved a hit ad, a really nasty one at that, the first of its kind for television, one that set the standard for post-modern smear. He participated in political espionage using federal agents. He is NOT a good person, much less a good journalist. The fact that he can be self-deprecating when it suits him is no virtue.

    He takes millions of dollars from the taxpayers to fund his friends and allies and make television programs about them, yet won’t submit his books to public scrutiny.

    It’s called being two-faced. He’s cloying and cunning and in it for himself. Don’t get snookered by his fuzzy sweaters and dulcet tones. He makes liberals look really, really bad.

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