Seinfeld & Gates – BFF!

by alphamonkey on September 15, 2008 · 8 comments

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I’ll admit that I quite like the Seinfeld and Bill Gates powered Microsoft spots, mostly because they play more like goofy little short films rather than actual ads. There’s a rather charming disconnect between the point of an ad and the theme of the ads (that being both Gates and Seinfeld are utterly removed from everyday life; not exactly the kind of message you expect from a mega-power like Microsoft).

Shoe Circus

Shoe Circus was appropriately weird, while New Family brings home much more of the funny (so much so that Gates himself shows a flash of comic timing), but so far both ads have gotten fairly trashed in the press. C’mon, media mavens! The agency behind this campaign is Crispin Porter + Bogusky… they don’t care if their ads get bad (or even bewildered) press – they count it as a win just as long as they’re being talked about, and how could an ad campaign featuring Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates not get discussed? So I’m quite sure that CP+B is counting it as a huge win, even if means a sizable number of media pundits scratching their head.

New Family

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  • Your Good Twin

    Oh man, these ads are so divisive. I had like a 5 minute argument with two friends about just the Shoe Circus one (I didn’t know there was another one). As it happens, I fall on the “these are completely senseless, the jokes are bad, and it has nothing to do with Windows” side. It’s just dumb. The second one is a little funnier, but Gates acts about as well as he does the robot. And the second one is an even LONGER short (that’s not even commercial-length territory) that has nothing to do with Windows.

    Apparently, Microsoft has just decided they’re going to sit there as Apple continues to expand and box them around with their John Hodgman ads. Maybe MS will care in 2015 when they aren’t the market majority anymore.

    Look, this isn’t political. I’m not in it for either side. But Apple already shows contempt for us, and they’re still trying to gain marketshare! Take for example Nintendo, who has completely discharged its fanbase now that it’s on top of the video game market. I genuinely worry what Apple will be like once they don’t have to be try anymore.

  • .alphamonkey.

    I dig ’em, but I recognize that they don’t work as individual ads. They probably will however, work when seen as a whole. As a content junkie, that’s just cool to me.

  • RazorFine

    I was surprised watching the first one how forced the comedy felt. The second spot is better, but I would agree so farit’s doing nothing to promote Microsoft. We’ll have to see where this goes, though if it’s true Seinfeld it won’t go anywhere – think about that!

    I’ll take those increasingly stale Justin Long Mac spots over this campaign any day.

  • .alphamonkey.

    Those ads just make me want to punch Justin Long in the throat. Not because he’s a Mac, but because he’s just that douche-y.

  • BAD

    I’m with you 100% AM. If I here him say “Macs don’t crash.” I’m buying a gun and one bullet with his name on it.

    I would just shoot him in the knee cap too.

    I even LIKE Macs!

  • BAD

    Of course you all know I meant “hear” instead of “here”.

    I see things this way, people saying Macs don’t crash is like when people said the Titanic was unsinkable.

    Your just asking for trouble.

  • .alphamonkey.


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