Spectacular Sticky-Note Experiment

by alphamonkey on September 8, 2008 · 4 comments

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The gents from EepyBird (they of the Diet Coke & Mentos fountain) return for another DIY extravaganza – Post-It Note fountains!

The urge to recreate this at home is nearly overwhelming.

Bonus awesome in that Invisible Engine’s own Chris Cantwell produced, directed, and co-wrote the concept for this spot. Eagle eyed viewers will spot fellow Engineer* Sean Bury as one of the office workers as well.

*I give it about an hour before Sean, Chris, or Matt IMs me to demand I never use that term again

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  • Your Good Twin

    I saw Sean Bury in like a Starbucks commercial a couple weeks ago. Made me do a double-take.

    This is cool, like a prettier slinky. I demand these guys make cool stuff forever, see! And never stop!

  • http://www.dadsbigplan.com .alphamonkey.

    Well, according to Sean he’s not yet made a fabled Starbucks appearance (though he did play a coffee drone in an episode of The Office).

    Quoteth Bury: “But, that’s funny — I would love to know what dopplegangin’ sombitch is in a Starbucks commercial”

    Are you referring to this commercial? That’s Rob Kerkovich from Summer of Tears.

  • Your Good Twin

    No no no, my addled brain was remembering that Office episode, he’s right. The one where Michael goes on a blind date with his landlord, I think. Sorry ’bout that, if I’da known you were going to question the man on it, I’da fact-checked my silly self!

  • http://www.diggsharrington.com Diggs

    I thought Sean was brilliant in The Office. Spinoff anyone?

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