The Art of Mathematics

by alphamonkey on September 17, 2008 · 1 comment

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The Art of MathematicsA super hat-tip to reader Mark Chaet for this science A/V goodness from the BBC News Science & Environment site: The Art of Mathematics

To the untrained eye, these vivid images might appear to be random sets of colourful swirls and circles. But they are in fact precise visual representations of mathematical theory known as dynamical systems. Some of the images – created by mathematicians from across the world – have gone on display at the University of Liverpool.

Here, mathematician Lasse Rempe explains how they are made – and considers their artistic merits.

Simply a beautiful presentation, and one that reinforces the line between art and science.

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  • Fat Roland

    I love this kinda thing. I tried feeding in the ‘x squared plus a quarter’ formula into Microsoft Excel, and my computer nearly exploded.

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