The Secret Life of Crayons

by alphamonkey on September 19, 2008 · 2 comments

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For no reason other than it being nostalgic and awesome – a Sesame Street short detailing how Crayons* are made. Spoiler – The secret ingredient is grandparent love.

Raise your hand if you remember seeing this on Sesame Street along with the ever-so-awesome ‘Milk‘ short.

*It’s pronounced ‘Cray-on’. Every single time you say ‘crown’ or ‘cran’, you’re making the world a slightly more awful place. So stop.

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  • andy cochrane

    This segment is the cornerstone of my lifelong obsession with construction montage television. My current crazy obsession is “How It’s Made”, but it is only the latest in a long line of shows that I really should be too grown up to enjoy as deeply as I do. Wonder Showzen took the formula to spectacular heights at least a few times. Thank you for posting this- I had forgotten how much I loved this particular one as a kid (honestly I could never remember if it was on Sesame Street or Mr Rogers, maybe they both went to the crayon factory?)

  • Katie

    Yep, Mr. Rogers and Mr. McFeely did a Picture Picture talk-through of the crayon factory. While the Sesame Street shorts always had music, Mr. R and Mr. F would talk through the process, explaining it a little bit.

    I preferred the Sugar Beets short myself, or the one with the little girl who takes her llama to the dentist, but crayons are classic.

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