From Willy Horton to Wiliam Ayer

by alphamonkey on October 7, 2008 · 0 comments

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I’m breaking my not-really-a-rule here, but Ross Douthat lays out what might be the best explanation for why the GOP’s scorched-earth tactics simply won’t work in this election in the Atlantic blog post ‘From Willy Horton to William Ayer

Douthat presents by no means a glowing endorsement of Obama, but rather a concise explanation for how previous full-on negative attacks were effective, and how their context in the economic landscape of the time mattered more than their message. Or as Douthat summarizes a hypothetical William Ayers ad:

The stock market is tanking. The global economy is in peril. And we think the most important subject on your mind should be whether Barack Obama was too chummy with a Sixties terrorist you’ve probably never heard of.

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