Roll over Bradley…

by alphamonkey on October 9, 2008 · 16 comments

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I think this bears some introspection:

bloggerinterrupted hits up a McCain/Palin interview to find out what the boots on the ground think about Obama and Sarah Palin:

Now to be fair: I know a number of individuals who hold what can only be described as well-principled and reasoned opposition to the Obama/Biden ticket’s stated policies, and I firmly believe that this country needs to start treating a difference in political opinion as something much more elevated than which side of a Buckeyes/Wolverines rivalry you fall on.

The atmosphere in the most recent McCain/Palin rallies has moved beyond throwing red meat to the base. It’s rancorous and hateful, and I find it telling that McCain found himself unable to say to Obama’s face the things he and Palin are saying on the stump. But more than anything, I worry greatly about what will happen in the (seemingly very likely) event that Obama wins on November 4th. This isn’t a time for divisiveness and encouraging cries of ‘terrorist’ and ‘kill him’ against a political opponent, and it certainly isn’t the time for the faces of a political party to endorse the same with their silence.

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  • Recycled Miffery

    Uh-huh. Just like the last two elections shouldn’t have been cause for people ascribing Hitler-like qualities to W and accusing him of installing a theocracy.

    The meanness and hyperbole markets aren’t, and never have been, cornered by the Republicans.

    “John McCain, Rickety Old Liar about to die.”
    “Sarah Palin, Stupid, Pro-rape Redneck.”

    Don’t tell me that crap hasn’t been tossed around by Obama supporters. I hear it every day. If the Democrat Party wants civility in politics, it ought to practice it first. I honestly doubt McCain is “unable” to say the same things to Obama’s face, and wouldn’t be surprised if he does in the last debate. The guy endured 5 years tortured by the Viet Cong. I doubt he’s nervous around a fellow senator.

    The fact is, zombie supporters of both candidates are nothing more than vote cattle to either party. They say the most thoughtless crap. Honestly, if I paid attention to even 1/10th of the mindless garbage spewed by Obama’s blind followers, I probably wouldn’t be voting for him in November!

  • busymm

    Wow …I mean WOW this is scary stuff…

  • .alphamonkey.

    Note that while this particular instance is referring to McCain/Palin tactics, my overall point is aimed squarely at both sides: We have to remember that we’re all on the same team, regardless of our political/ideological differences.

    But to address Obama supporters – Yes, I’ve heard some terrible things from those corners, but let’s be very clear here: Obama has taken his own supporters to task over it. He very firmly declared Palin’s family off-limits, and he’s admonished his own rally crowds just for booing at the mention of McCain’s (and even Hilary Clinton’s) name.

    That’s the real difference here. Obama has actively discouraged that behavior in his supporters, even if it has little effect outside the realm of his rallies. Palin is stoking it, and McCain seems to refuse to even acknowledge it. Just look at the clip of the rally where someone shouted ‘terrorist’ in response to Obama’a name. It’s obvious McCain heard it (he, to his credit, looks visibly startled and pauses for a few seconds), but that was when John McCain needed to bust out one of those ‘My friends’ and remind his supporters that such talk is unnecessary and unwelcome.

  • Recycled Miffery

    I too commend and have commended Obama for his request for decency regarding the Palin family, but you posted a video on the mob.

    If some snarky idiot went to Obama rallies and asked his supporters “Is he too old? Is he gonna die in office?” and edited it you’d get the same effect.

    I’m not sure how Palin “stoked” these responses. Sounds like a Democrat did.

    Fish in a barrel. This video does nothing to advance the dialog. Its Moorian hitpiece. It doesn’t show us (Democrats) in anything but a juvenile light, either.

    Clever and manipulative doesn’t equal intellectual.

    Good Lord I’m so tired of us thinking that we’re gonna “catch” the other side with “proof” that they are evil incarnate. You certainly must realize that bottom-barrel politics is a shared delusion, convicting only the already-converted. Sis boom bah.

  • Fineous Witherby

    I’m really tired of every political discussion divulge into another endless “NO U!” fight.

    I’d like to just get the voting over with and get to work on fixing some of these major problems we have here, whichever way it swings.

  • AllesK

    What we’re obviously lacking is the benefit of civilized discourse. Recycled Miffery says the Democrats are to blame and should practice civility first. May I posit that the Rovian slash-and-burn tendency that has been encouraged by “W” is what has baffled polite society, including the current Republican candidate? Just a thought…

  • Recycled Miffery

    No. I’m saying that if you really think civility works, then practice it, regardless of party. Don’t wait for the “rovian” whatever to decide to play nice.

    But if you think playing nasty is the only appropriate response to “rovian” whatever, then go for it.

    Just no whining about the other side, when what you are doing is taking a page from “rovian” whatever.

    McCain supporters did a silent march through the Upper East Side. I assure you they were regarded with the utmost respect and civility.

    I never said the Democrats were to blame, and for you to suggest otherwise is really unfair. I’m a fucking Democrat, you moron.* I’m just saying we shouldn’t engage in the crap editing and smear tactics made famous by the “rovian” whatever.

    It is hypocritical to argue that reasonable people are Democrats and that unreasonable people are Republicans, but to use unreasonable means to demonstrate that. That just makes no sense, unless you believe the ends justify the means. In which case, it isn’t hypocritical, only Machiavellian. Or “rovian.” I’d rather the Dems not go Rove just to win, but I guess everyone has their reasons for taking shortcuts.

    If you can sleep at night having filtered to the bottom of the barrel, more power to you. I can’t. But then again, I’d rather my guy lose an election than lose my moral compass. Maybe yours just doesn’t spin that way. But, knowing that Obama is very likely walking away with this election, I’d like to have my cake and eat it too: to have played nicely and fairly with the GOP and still have won.

    It is especially hypocritical to be backing a candidate who is calling us to a higher discorse and then be practically giddy over what can only be described as unnecessary and assholish “documentary journalism.”

    Because, yeah, that’ll really bridge the gap with the minority party.

    All I’m saying is let’s be gracious winners, or at least act like it, for once.

    *Apparently, this is the only response anyone comprehends anymore.

  • Rob

    Your website is so far left leaning that if Obama was to do anything you would spin it too something that is good.

    You have done nothing but bash the McCain/Palin ticket since it was announced..You have posted videos that were directly related to this mean spirited bashing of Palin.

    When you become more fair to both sides I will believe you are honest and forthright like you said above.

  • .alphamonkey.


    I have no obligation to temper my political leanings with some arbitrary (and frankly imaginary) sense of balance. Fair very rarely equals balanced, by the way. If Candiate A says ‘the sun is out’ and Candidate B says ‘it’s nighttime’, one of them is clearly wrong. It’s a disservice to factual record to present it as ‘one says X while the other alleges Y’ while refusing to recognize the error.

    Yes, I’m voting for Obama. While I’ve had my issues with campaign choices from the Obama/Biden ticket, it just so happens that the most egregious ‘WTF’ moments have all come from McCain’s campaign. Picking Sarah Palin as his running mate just proved that there’s no reason for me to take his campaign seriously. After all, he clearly isn’t either.

  • RazorFine

    Any other cynics wondering if the Palin choice was purposeful to sink the campaign, hand Obama the messy state of the US, which can’t possibly be fixed in one term and looks to be getting worse, and then run against his inability to fix things in four years.

  • The Mayor

    You’re exactly right–Those *Palin Is A C_NT* t-shirts that are the rave of the left are terrible. (Liberal) ACORNS actions in this election are disgusting. And now that it has been proven by the FBI itself that no one at the Palin rally called for the death of Obama or even called him a terrorist, I suppose you will update this post with the truth.


    Alos, why do so many liberals hate women?

  • .alphamonkey.

    Ah, ACORN. You realize that this manufactured furor over ACORN is what started the whole US Attorney Firing scandal, right? Did you know that ACORN flags any suspect registration they find before sending it in? Did you know that they are required by law to send in ANY registration regardless of whether ACORN itself believes it to be erroneous or fraudulent? Painting ACORN with the OMG Librul Conspiracy brush because of the actions of a few less-than-scrupulous workers when those bad registrations are caught by ACORN themselves is not only a stupid (and transparent) anti-voter talking point, but it makes the speaker look wholly uninformed.

    You know I have yet to see one of those shirts. I don’t doubt they exist, but saying they are the ‘rave of the Left’ is a little far afield. How many have you (or anyone, for that matter) seen on folks just walking around? My bet is exactly none.

    And let’s be clear: The FBI and Secret Service haven’t proved no one said ‘kill him’. They’ve been unable to substantiate the claim. It’s a big difference. It’s entirely possible that the one reporter who generated that story was in error. In fact, that same reporter stated shortly afterwards that they thought the ‘kill him’ was in response to Ayers, not Obama. But if you don’t believe that whipping up an embattled base with talk about how your opponent is un-American and palling around with terrorists is a seriously bad idea in this climate… well, then I guess you should just be happy they’re on your side, huh?

  • AllesK

    Props for responding civilly to strawman attacks. You’re a better monkey than I!

  • The Mayor

    Monkey–here’s the site with about 500 comments (most of them vile anti-Palin comments–I’m pretty sure they aren’t comments by Conservatives)

    And here’s the OFFICIAL FBI comment on the *kill him* lie.

    You see, it was exactly ONE reporter that heard the *kill him* remark–and the speech in question was actually talking about Ayers, Obama’s buddy in crime. The reporter in question is on the record as being an Obama supporter. Wow, pro-media support and lies for Obama, you sure don’t hear about that often!

    You seem to only believe things you want to believe. Take some time and do some simple research. Sure, you may not like what you read or hear, but at least you will be semi-informed. The truth hurts, but you’re a big monkey, you’ll get use to it.

    As for ACORN–oh man, just do some reseach–an organization doesn’t get the FBI after them in 12 states for nothing (an indicted in what–5 different states to date?)

  • .alphamonkey.

    Would you like me to link to the comments you can find at any given thread over at How about Free Republic? Hell, take a gander at Reddit comments some time. I fail to see how the Internet Fuckwad Theory somehow proves a point. We’re talking about people in real life, not anonymous comment trolls.

    Mayor, I already mentioned those facts in my comment above. You’re not breaking any new ground here.

    And ACORN? Why not see what David Iglesias has to say about the FBI investigating ACORN? Or you might try reading up on the fact that there are a number of officials within the DOJ who acknowledge this round of ACORN investigations is a partisan witch-hunt. No one is debating the existence of fraudulent voter registration cards here. What you seem to be forgetting is that ACORN flags those themselves, but is (once again) REQUIRED BY LAW to turn in forms even if they KNOW they’re fraudulent.

    But since this is the hot-topic of the day… How about this: Can you find me the last documented case of vote fraud? Not voter registration fraud, but actual person-at-the-polls-posing-as-someone-else vote fraud?

  • .alphamonkey.

    I’ll answer my own query: In the last 7 years that have been exactly 24 vote-fraud convictions. Not exactly a sweep, huh? Individual-based vote fraud is just this side of non-existent.

    And just for might try reading up on ACORN’s troubles.

    But really what you should be reading is not how ACORN is following their own legally mandated guidelines, but by how a certain group (rhymes with Republican) is using the law against our citizenry to disenfranchise voters.

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